Giving Effective Praise

I seem to run into managers far too often who are quick to critique, but slow to praise.  Meaningful, authentic positive re-enforcement is one of the most important things to have as a part of your company culture.

From a Sandglaz article from last fall:

What better pick-me-up is there than praise for your hard work? Praise can turn a bad day around. It can remind you that although you’re stressed and buried in piles of work, you’re doing a good job. That’s why team members, regardless of their positions, shouldn’t hesitate to praise each other.

Praise and positive feedback go hand in hand. They’re timely, specific comments about something a team member did well. Unlike feedback, praise doesn’t have to be constructive. It can simply be used as a motivational tool to boost performance. Praise is also based on personal judgement, whereas feedback should be factual and issue-focused.

These aspects of praise are well known. But here are some interesting, scientifically-backed tips on how to properly praise your teammates.

  • Avoid the sandwich approach
  • Praise teammates while they’re working toward a goal, not after they’ve achieved it
  • Tailor praise to the teammate’s personality and experience level

Read the whole article:

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