Getting the truck ready for dogs

We’ve been going back and forth over what to do with our fifth-wheel camper, Harvey the RV, since we’re not needing to hit the WordCamp circuit quite as hard to get the word out about BruteProtect any more.

We’ve considered selling it and buying a smaller camper to pull behind my SUV, selling it and buying a small motorized RV where the dogs could be more comfortable when we travel, or just selling it and not replacing it at all.  But, in the end, we’ve decided to hold on to what we’ve got, and do a little “remodeling” in the truck to make it more dog friendly.  It’s big, it’s comfortable, we’ve put a good amount of money into prepping it for working on the road, and so it stays, and we’re working on planning extended trips to California and Florida for this winter, and maybe a quick jaunt up to Wyoming or Montana over the summer.

But before any of that, we’re taking it out for the long weekend to get back into the swing of things, so it was time to get the truck dog friendly!

Pretty happy with it for a 2 hour project (including 2 trips to Lowes and a trip to PetSmart!)

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