What’s your WordPress Development Setup?

Coding with Konstantin Obenland in Mumbai

Coding with Konstantin Obenland in Mumbai

With my new retina MacBook just a couple of days away, I’d like to set it up as a lean, mean coding machine.

Right now, I have some bad habits that I’d like to unwind.  I find myself falling out of PHP Storm and into TextMate more often than I’d like, devving on a remote server because my local environment isn’t working properly, I have the same repos in at least 3 spots on my hard drive, etc, etc, etc.

My favorite parts of my workflow:

  1. Alfred, with lots of custom searches so I can quickly search through the Jetpack repo on Github, code, etc.
  2. Unison, which keeps my local files in sync with my development servers
  3. 1Password for my secrets
  4. Authy for my 2fa
  5. I have many custom snippets that I’ve added to TextMate to make me fast there, I need to get that same level of customization into PHP Storm so I can be fast there, too.
Coding (and talking to Rocco) while on vacation in Greece

Coding while on vacation in Greece

So, developers, I’d really like to hear about how you have your environments set up.

What IDE do you use? Do you use VVV or something else? What else do you do to help yourself be as productive as possible?

In exchange, I’ll be eternally grateful and put together a follow up post in a few weeks about how I incorporated your suggestions.  And I’ll probably buy you a drink at a WordCamp sometime..

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