Defining Success

SANDCASTLESIt can be hard to define success for yourself, it’s so tempting to treat it as a moving target– “When I have X dollars, then I’ll be successful”, “When I get Y promotion, then I’ll be successful”.

John James Jacoby published a great post today about defining success, and how that’s changed through his life. An inspiring read, for sure.

A brief excerpt:

Today, right now, I define “success” as follows:

Use television to relax, educate, and procrastinate on purpose

Use video games to supplement my aging imagination

Use music to drown-out my wandering ADD-afflicted mind

Use love to fuel solutions to life’s problems

Use my job to improve the quality of relationships in peoples lives

Use the culmination of my career experience to build great things (like BuddyPress, bbPress, GlotPress, WordPress, & Flox to name a few)

Stop pretending and take action – if it’s not actionable, appreciate the experience and take notes

Appreciate my wife in a unique way each day, and make babies

Be compassionate and considerate above all else

via Defining Success | John James Jacoby.

About the author Sam Hotchkiss

Sam currently leads development on the widely used Jetpack plugin at Automattic, he's started and run multiple successful companies, and enjoys taking photos when he gets the chance. When they're not traveling, Sam and his wife, Becky, live in beautiful New Mexico, where he passes the time by talking about himself in third person.

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