Lessons in Performance – Chris Lema

Every single morning I sit down and I write the three things I’m gunna get done that day.  That’s “Defining My Three.” I have to choose carefully, but those are the three things I care about. If those three things are done, I can call the end of the day a success.   Three things, not 15, not 25, not a full schedule of stuff.  Three things.  But here’s the thing.  If, five days out of seven, you can take three things and you can get them done and you do that for weeks every year and you do that for years … people won’t know there were other things you didn’t get done because they’ll just be looking at a long list of shit you got done.

Chris Lema speaking at Pressnomics 2015 via WP Tavern

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Sam currently leads development on the widely used Jetpack plugin at Automattic, he's started and run multiple successful companies, and enjoys taking photos when he gets the chance. When they're not traveling, Sam and his wife, Becky, live in beautiful New Mexico, where he passes the time by talking about himself in third person.

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