Dear Apple

I have been a big iPhone user for many years, but the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 were just not ready for prime time.  After getting my 6 on release day,  I was excited for it to be the greatest phone ever made,  instead, what I got was a device that had been barely usable and plagued by bugs.

This has caused me to, for the first time in years, look outside of the Apple ecosystem, and I just received my Samsung Note 4, and, in my limited experience this far,  it is everything I could want a phone to be. Fast, powerful, the stylus is awesome… First impressions can be deceiving, but, if this holds up, I’m going to be an android guy now.

This post written from my Note 4

About the author Sam Hotchkiss

Sam currently leads development on the widely used Jetpack plugin at Automattic, he's started and run multiple successful companies, and enjoys taking photos when he gets the chance. When they're not traveling, Sam and his wife, Becky, live in beautiful New Mexico, where he passes the time by talking about himself in third person.

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